Radical Heroes

Henry George

Henry GeorgeHenry George (1839-1897) is likely the most widely-read political economist of all time. His magnum opus, Progress and Poverty, advocated the public ownership of land through a tax on land value and was said to be the bestselling book in the English language other than the Bible for nearly thirty years. Equal parts a philosopher, sociologist, statesman and political organizer, as well as a political economist, George helped inspire the “Landlord’s Game” that evolved into the modern Monopoly and Sun Yat-Sen’s Nationalist revolution in China. In his native United States, George was the central economic thinker in the Progressive Movement he helped launch and to which his book lent its name. Largely forgotten during the left-right conflicts of the Cold War that he failed to fit into, George continues to inspire the work of economist and sociologist, as well as something of a cult following.